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About Studio Walaai-

About me-

Studio Walaai is a graphic design studio with a smile in its heart. With special attention for culture & non-profit and for personalized work but always with a broad interest.

With elegant and strong design and a powerful visual communication, Studio Walaai stands for empathy & connecting, something that was never more important than today.
Oh, also: Walaai means noise (lawaai in Dutch). At least according to my daughter Romi.
It was an annoying word for my then three-year-old to pronounce, so she resolutely turned it into walaai. In the meantime, this word has become part of our family and beyond, and brings a warm smile every time.


WIN_20210419_19_46_49_Pro (2)_edited.jpg
WIN_20210419_19_46_49_Pro (2).jpg

This is me. Elke.

Ever since I can remember I've always felt very connected with the cultural world, theatre, books, arts & museums. After working as a digital communication officer at the AfricaMuseum, almost fully dedicated to social media, I'm currently working as graphic designer for the communications department. I found my passion in design through my job and decided to immerse myself in graphic design & enrolled in an in-depth evening design course. 
Studio Walaai is the fruit of an intensive period full of challenges and creativity.

Love my job, love the AfricaMuseum, eager to learn, creative, culture lover in love with connecting people in this digital era using visual content, illustrations and graphics to communicate.
I strongly believe in the power of a positive story. Let's make your positive story tangible for a large audience. 


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